U.S. Army

Pentagon examining military rules of engagement after U.S. troops disarmed by Mexican army in Texas

The U.S. Army is getting the coolest, most capable night-vision google technology EVER made

Trump’s military: Army to scrap rifle qualification ‘shortcut’ that made soldiers LESS accurate and lethal

Why we need Trump’s wall: Mexican thieves stealing razor wire placed at border by U.S. troops

Army testing 1000-mile ‘super gun’ that can be used to strike Chinese targets without retaliation

U.S. Army’s official Iraq war history finds that the REAL winner was — Iran

GPW: World War I completely transformed the American army

Report: U.S. military moving barriers, equipment to border ahead of migrant caravan

Hundreds more troops heading to U.S.-Mexico border as migrant caravan approaches

U.S. Army to build a 1,000-mile ‘super cannon’

More BS from AP: Media report that the ARMY is ‘purging’ minorities NOT TRUE

Army BLOWING UP Obama’s PC culture; getting back to what it’s for: BREAKING things and killing enemies

Army prepares for cyber and electronic ‘irregular warfare’ against rising Russia, China

‘Rogue State’ California so far RESISTING Trump’s call for National Guard troops along U.S. border

Trump vows: ‘I will use military to SEAL border’ with Mexico as migrant horde approaches

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