U.S. border

DHS records show ‘hundreds’ of migrants crashing U.S. border have criminal records including murder and assault

Congress dithers as border collapses: Nearly 9-in-10 illegals skip court hearing after release into U.S.

FBI probing armed far-Left Antifa plot to disrupt U.S.-Mexico border in attempt to spark anti-government rebellion

SHOCKING video: Adult migrants push children underwater, through razor wire to get into U.S.; but Democrats STILL say there’s no ‘crisis’ on the border?

Trump is RIGHT: Mexican president’s pro-immigrant policies ARE driving U.S. invasion

As Texas cities are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats yawn

Yes, there IS a crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, and even Obama’s DHS secretary thinks so

Guardsman/lawmaker backs Trump’s emergency border declaration after tour of duty: ‘What I saw there disturbed me’

Border rancher praises Trump’s emergency declaration: ‘It IS a crisis’

Dumb and dumber: Ocasio-Cortez has no idea the Berlin Wall was built by socialist authoritarians to keep people IN, not out

CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually takes the side of border agents after death of 7 y/o girl

Trump-hating MSNBC panel gets lesson on use of military at border by GOP lawmaker (Video)

Migrant caravan shoved women and children to the FRONT so they would be photographed with tear gas; media blames POTUS

Thanks to Mexico, the lead migrant caravan is stalling

Guess which administration ALSO used DNA testing on illegal alien kids at the border? OBAMA

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