U.S. Navy

The Marine Corps just used an awesome new weapon to kill an Iranian drone

Pentagon sending carrier battle group, bombers to Persian Gulf after indications Iran planned attack on U.S. forces

War drums: Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz if Trump admin cuts off oil exports

U.S. Navy’s new autonomous ‘Orca’ subs will form undetectable ‘robot wolfpack’ in times of war

Iranian navy launches massive naval drills that cover world’s key oil chokepoints

Is China’s ‘Guam killer’ ICBM really all that Beijing makes it out to be? U.S. Navy says ‘Probably not, but…’

U.S. Navy chief: Advanced Chinese weapons won’t keep aircraft carriers out of Taiwan Strait

Top U.S. Admiral warns fleet on Russia, China: ‘Be ready to fight NOW’

Chinese warship with high-tech ‘railgun’ sets sail but here’s why you should be skeptical of its capabilities

What a Chinese admiral gets wrong about ‘sinking two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers’

China hacks U.S. Navy contractors and steals just about every bit of weapons data we have

War drums: Chinese military official urges Beijing to attack U.S. Navy ships in South China Sea

U.S. Navy commander: China has built a ‘great wall of SAMs’ in South China Sea

Bolton warns China over South China Sea confrontations: U.S. Navy can and will respond

U.S. Navy’s Second Fleet to meet increased Russian presence in the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic

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