CBP officials accuse Texas Democrat of ‘coaching’ migrants on how to exploit ‘return to Mexico’ loophole

O’Keefed: Avowed communist working at GAO ADMITS to slow-walking Trump agenda

POTUS Trump blasts John Kerry’s talks with Iranian leaders: ‘Was he registered as a foreign agent?’

Crisis: Anonymous NYT ‘op-ed’ slamming POTUS Trump PROVES active subversion now underway

James Comey tells Americans to VOTE Democrat; Clinton’s campaign spokesman tells HIM to pound sand

The Pravda media is an ENEMY of the STATE and it’s time we called them out

SHOCK: Obama lobbied Canada’s Trudeau to work AGAINST Trump administration

What is John Kerry doing talking to the Iranians?

Here’s how Democrats are undermining our National Security just to ‘get Trump’

Left is trying to GOAD Trump into firing ‘dirty cop’ Mueller with threats of violence, COUP

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘I think we have proof’ of FBI working AGAINST Republican Party in last election (Video)

Obama back in public eye next week but the NY Times is disappointed

We told you Obama wasn’t going away – and we were right

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