United Nations

Newest ‘climate change’ study by Finnish researchers finds NO human effects whatsoever

NRA crowd HAILS Trump after he announces he is ditching Obama’s UN gun control treaty

Trump again targets UN funding decrease in foreign policy budget, but globalist Democrats look set to reject it

UN’s refusal to back U.S. condemnation of Hamas terrorism is another reason why we should get out

Why are we still in? UN report blames POTUS Trump for rising poverty in America — using data from OBAMA years

Nikki Haley just put our biggest UN roadblocks on notice

Trump admin makes SIGNIFICANT CUTS to its UN budget (Video)

Trump, UN Amb. Haley, SHUT DOWN all the nations who voted AGAINST prez’s Jerusalem decision

Trump slams North Korean leader as ‘rocket man’ at UN as experts praise ‘best ever’ speech

Report: Trump will seek UN approval for naval blockade of North Korea

North Korea, Iran missile launches prove why the UN’s a joke and the USA should pursue its own deterrent policies

Goofy UN names Saudi Arabia to head ‘women’s rights’ panel

Former UN staffer: ‘U.S. should definitely cut ties’ with ‘corrupt’ institution

Trump administration no longer taking anti-Israel bias from the UN, Palestinians

UN official actually ADMITS that ‘global warming’ is a scam designed to ‘change world’s economic model’

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