Yes, the Tacoma, Wash., ICE facility attacker was an ‘anti-fascist’ ‘anarchist’ — but you won’t see that in the ‘mainstream’ media

Things to come in America? Angry illegal migrants storm Pantheon in France, demand citizen papers, jobs and freebies

Venezuelan crisis: Maduro was preparing to flee the country until Russia intervened, says Pompeo

As Venezuela teeters, Maduro govt. shipping nearly $1 billion in gold out of country on a Russian jet

CEO: POTUS Trump’s tariffs like ‘gun to the head’ of China, forcing Beijing to negotiate or suffer MASSIVE recession and unrest

Military called on by Venezuelan parliament to ‘restore democracy’ after declaring Maduro presidency ‘illegitimate’

Divided are WE? Sure, but thank the Democrats for that

Would Trump invade…Venezuela?

Soros political interference: His own country calls him a ‘national security’ issue

Country being led to civil war by entertainment industry as it perpetually rails against Trump

America the Divided: It’s time for a peaceful divorce

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