Lindsey Graham on Venezuela: ‘I would do what Reagan did in Grenada’

Venezuelan crisis: Maduro was preparing to flee the country until Russia intervened, says Pompeo

Socialism FAIL: Venezuelans SO desperate they’re raiding human corpses for anything that can be traded for food

Bolton warns Russia over putting ‘specialists’ in Venezuela: U.S. considers it a ‘direct threat’ to peace

No collusion: Trump warns Putin to get his troops OUT of Venezuela; ‘All options on the table’

Venezuela plunged into chaos as power failure engulfs capital; looters take to the streets as Maduro blames U.S. ‘cyberattack’

With ‘one week of food’ and widespread power outages, Venezuelan crisis to escalate ‘in a way we have not seen’: Rubio

Venezuelan leader Maduro’s ‘days are numbered,’ says Pompeo warns as Guaido will ‘formally’ request U.S. ‘liberation’

Picking a loser: Support For Maduro Could Hurt Democrats in 2020

Dems launch ‘Green New Deal’ as AOC staffer reveals it’s not about climate but stealing ‘wealth’

Venezuelan Debbie D’Souza: Dems following SAME socialist plan as Hugo Chavez

As Venezuela teeters, Maduro govt. shipping nearly $1 billion in gold out of country on a Russian jet

Is the Trump administration preparing to send ‘5,000 troops to Colombia’ in preparation for Venezuelan invasion?

As Venezuelans eat from garbage cans, Ocasio-Cortez wants to import their nightmare to the U.S.

Military called on by Venezuelan parliament to ‘restore democracy’ after declaring Maduro presidency ‘illegitimate’

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