Border Patrol releases video refuting Ocasio-Cortez’s fabrications regarding ‘toilet water,’ migrant treatment

POTUS Trump makes it clear regarding Iranian involvement in tanker attacks: Tehran ‘DID do it’ and ‘we have video’

POTUS Trump defends his smackdown of Nancy Pelosi against fake news media: ‘She made horrible statements’

This GOP-produced video on illegal immigrant crime should have aired after POTUS Trump’s address

Security guard REFUSES to help Houston PD officer with suspect so she can film the arrest (Video)

Mark Steyn launches ICBM at disgusting Vox News for PRAISING MS-13 animals

(National Sentinel) Pathetic: Conservative commentator Mark Steyn blasted Left-wing Vox News during an appearance hosting Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Thursday evening over the website’s portrayal of MS-13 ‘animals’ as nothing but normal teenagers. “President Trump has highlighted his…

Mysterious object flying over Atlantic CONFOUNDS F/A-18 pilots; ‘What the f**k is that?’ (Video)

Trump: ‘Snoop would be in jail’ if he ‘shot’ Obama on video

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