Rubio to AG Barr: John Kerry MUST be investigated for his Iran interference

POTUS Trump: John Kerry broke the law with Iran meddling; should be prosecuted under Logan Act

HUGE: Judge orders status hearing with MUELLER prosecutors and Michael Flynn after ANOTHER sentencing delay

Trump smacks down Kerry for ‘possibly illegal’ shadow diplomacy with Iran

Critics say Comey’s Trump-related memos he used for his book were CLASSIFIED and he should be PROSECUTED for mishandling them

Legal Analysis: Constitution compels that Sessions must RESTRAIN Mueller

REPORT: BLM used ‘incredible bias’ during overly aggressive RAID of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Federal judge who struck down Trump order withholding sanctuary city funding has a disturbingly partisan past

Team Mueller may have violated Manafort’s constitutional rights

BUSTED: Comey memos on Trump/Russia contained classified information

Constitutional law professor Turley: Comey’s actions in leaking memo to harm Trump “clearly” violated federal rules, regulations

As predicted, Iran cheating on Obama nuke deal by refining bomb delivery system

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