Dems prove again they are the party of racism and abortion by backing ‘blackface’ Northam in Virginia

Trump predicts Virginia will turn red again following blackface, abortion, and #MeToo scandals among top Dems

Democrat nightmare in Virginia: Northam’s potential successor denies NEW allegations of sexual harassment

Tone deaf: Dem delegate in Virginia who proposed late term abortion bill praised parents who saved her as a baby fleeing Vietnam

Abortion extremists on the Left are going to trigger new Supreme Court restrictions

Now it makes sense: ‘Infanticide’ Va. Gov. Northam accepted nearly $2 million from Planned Parenthood

In his own words: No denying that Va. Gov. Northam now supporting infanticide

Sen. Sasse to Va. governor after ‘infanticide’ remark: ‘Get the hell out of public office’

Admitted pedophile convicted of threatening to kill POTUS Bush NOW running for office in Virginia thanks to Terry McAuliffe

Pro-gun social worker fired for having a concealed carry PERMIT (but no gun)

Triggered Va. House delegates WALK OUT of speech on guns; claim ‘outrage’ as conservative schools them on school shootings (Video)

George Washington’s church now wants to rip out his memorial

Obama hypocrisy: Divider-in-chief president hits Trump for being … divisive

Shock poll: More than HALF of Virginia residents would ban free speech on campus to protect snowflakes’ feelings

Va. Rep. Brat destroys Democrats, CNN, over Trump ‘Russia’ and ‘impeachment’ narrative

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