Vladimir Putin

Democrat, media reaction to Trump-Putin ‘election meddling’ exchange is object lesson in hypocrisy

Concerns rise over U.S., Russia ‘stumbling into war’ — and we can thank Democrats’ ‘collusion’ hoax for them

No collusion: Trump warns Putin to get his troops OUT of Venezuela; ‘All options on the table’

Flashback: Mueller’s probe of POTUS Trump had risen to the level of a national security threat

White House counsel to House Dems over demand for Trump-Putin meeting docs: NOPE

Dan Crenshaw slaps down Leftist Swalwell over Trump, 1st Amendment with history lesson about Obama and his party

No, McCabe, Obama and Hillary were ‘Russian assets,’ and we have proof

Russia now says it, too, will abandon INF Treaty — formally — after cheating for years

As Venezuela teeters, Maduro govt. shipping nearly $1 billion in gold out of country on a Russian jet

Trump agrees to reopen government and Pelosi shows gratitude by accusing him of being a Putin stooge

Fake news: CNN, WaPo claims of ‘secret’ talks between POTUS Trump, Putin are DEBUNKED

MORE proof that POTUS Trump has been much tougher with Russia than OBAMA

Some ‘collusion’: Russia TICKED OFF over latest round of sanctions by POTUS Trump

Russia expert DESTROYS CNN boot licker Max Boot, who seriously thinks Trump should start a WAR with Putin (Video)

SecState Pompeo makes liberal heads EXPLODE when he drops this TRUTH BOMB about Russian election meddling

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