vote fraud

Just who is going to clean up the nation’s outdated, over-counted voting rolls ahead of the 2020 election?

Leftists pushing “vote by phone” scheme to rig all future elections and allow illegals more say than Americans

Stopping non-citizens from voting is a problem of too little data — AND political will

Oh, brother: ‘Beto’ O’Rourke joins the tinfoil hat crowd in claiming that ‘we don’t know’ if POTUS’ 2016 election was ‘legitimate’

Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens

Michael Cohen’s claims about rigging online polls for Trump are nothing compared to Google’s CRIMINAL vote-stealing for Democrats

Democrats in hard push to RIG future elections with federal mandates that would remove ALL state control

If the Democrats’ massive, coordinated election fraud is not stopped, the 2020 election will be completely STOLEN

It’s now CLEAR: Democrats STOLE congressional seats in California… here’s how they did it

Top Dem donors host director from org that registered DEAD people to vote

‘Bikers for Trump’ leader finds evidence of potential vote fraud at Broward election central

Rick Scott GAINS votes in Fla.; calls on Nelson to hang it up

ANOTHER Obama-appointed judge sides with Dems as Florida election theft rolls on

Count EVERY vote? Dems OUTRAGED over faxed, emailed votes in GOP-heavy Fla. county

Two OBAMA-appointed judges rule in favor of Stacy Abrams, putting her closer to stealing election

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