voter fraud

Just who is going to clean up the nation’s outdated, over-counted voting rolls ahead of the 2020 election?

Leave it to Dems: Loophole in NY law granting illegals driver’s licenses could lead to massive voter fraud

Democrats in hard push to RIG future elections with federal mandates that would remove ALL state control

Dems push new law to REPEAL voter ID laws nationwide, allowing vote fraud to dominate the future of U.S. elections

California-style ballot cheating could be coming to YOUR state next

If GOP claims of vote fraud in Florida are bogus, why did the state Democratic Party just lawyer up?

Rubio warns: Dem lawyers in Fla. asking judge to CHANGE laws so they can STEAL election

POTUS Trump warns of Arizona Dems election theft: ‘Signatures DON’T match!’

Report: Rick Scott ORDERS State Police to seize all Broward, Palm Beach ballots

O’Keefed! Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says video showing non-citizens voting ‘will be investigated’

Lawsuit in Pennsylvania says 100,000 non-citizens are registered to vote

Georgia probing DEMS for allegedly hacking voting systems

Yes, voter fraud is real and yes, Democrats are behind it: Leftists caught funding illegal voting ring in Texas

POTUS Trump warns of severe legal consequences if anyone caught engaging in voter fraud

It’s REAL: Four DEMS caught in vote fraud ring in North Dallas

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