Wise beyond his years: A youthful Antonin Scalia warned us 40 years ago about what’s happening in America TODAY

France renews its commitment to NATO and the U.S. with ‘nuclear warning shot’ to Russia

POTUS issues stern warning to far-Left Antifa thugs: They had better watch themselves before they get hurt

POTUS Trump warns Honduras to stop migrant caravan heading north or lose aid

Former independent counsel Ken Starr warns Dems over impeachment: ‘Be careful what you ask for’

Scalise warns: Democrat-supporting LEFT inciting more and more violence

Former AG Eric Holder to GOP lawmakers probing FISA abuses by OBAMA Deep State: “IT MUST STOP”

WARNING: Homeland Security employees told to watch out for UNHINGED LEFTISTS angry over fabricated ‘child separation crisis’

Laura Ingraham warns POTUS: RINOs and Dems ‘pushing mass AMNESTY’ via ‘discharge petition’

Trump WARNS lawless Oakland mayor: She’s ‘protecting criminals’ and ‘we’re looking at responses’ (Video)

Oakland mayor who tipped off illegal aliens to ICE raids calls agency ‘racist’ for doing their jobs

ICE confirms 150-plus arrests of illegal aliens in California sweep; agency SLAMS Oakland mayor’s EARLY warning

FBI blew it: Warned that Parkland shooter Cruz ‘is going to explode’ and was ‘so into ISIS,’ but NEVER acted

FBI Fail: Bureau was WARNED about Florida school shooter; ‘everyone predicted it’ (Video)

SHOCKER: Kids put into STORM drains in Hawaii during FAKE missile alert (Video)

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