William Barr

Tucker: Citizenship question on 2020 census vital because ‘we have no idea who’s living in USA’ (Video)

AG Barr backs citizenship inquiry on Census as he replaces ENTIRE DoJ legal team dealing with the question

Fitton: DoJ has ‘more than enough evidence’ to reopen Clinton email probe (Video)

GOP Rep. King: ‘Serious abuses’ carried out by FBI, CIA are ‘going to come out’ of Barr’s probe

Lindsey Graham says Mueller report ‘final word’ for him on ‘Spygate’ scandal: What happened to the investigations he promised?

‘Bull’ Durham to seek interviews with top CIA officials over ‘Russiagate’ origins; time for Comey, Clapper, and Brennan to ‘lawyer up,’ says Hannity

DoJ announces expanded and ‘broad’ probe into Team Trump surveillance abuse: ‘Heads are going to roll,’ say experts (Video)

John ‘Bull’ Durham ‘asking all the right questions’ in Russia origin probe; has met ‘several times’ with AG Barr

GOP: Dem fears rising as ‘Bull’ Durham’s ‘Russiagate’ probe expanded to three levels of Obama corruption

DiGenova: Christopher Steele testimony to ‘Bull’ Durham will PROVE ‘FBI lied to Congress’ and FISA court

AG Barr blasts ‘mainstream’ media for enabling ‘Spygate’ scandal: ‘They’re supposed to be watchdogs’

Dershowitz: Corrupt Mueller probe should be ‘the death knell’ for special counsels (Video)

ICYMI: DoJ Inspector General found a high-ranking FBI official LEAKING to the media

Confirmed: U.S. Attorney John Huber NEVER started the ‘Spygate’ probe Jeff Sessions assigned to him

Barr: ‘Mueller could have reached a decision on obstruction’ if he wanted to…but he didn’t

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