witch hunt

Scorched earth tactics: Robert Mueller’s targets speak out against his ‘witch hunt’ probe

So, Mueller’s probe is over. Here’s what the special counsel DIDN’T find (that we were told he WOULD)

Boom! Most Americans oppose Trump impeachment and see Mueller’s probe as ‘witch hunt’

Mueller be damned: House Dems planning to dramatically expand ‘Russia’ probe despite NO evidence of ‘collusion’

BOOM: Mueller will NOT issue final report in POTUS Trump probe, says former Prez lawyer

Flashback: That time Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI but weren’t charged like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn

Meadows: ‘There is still NO evidence’ Michael Flynn ‘colluded’ with Russia

Analysis: Corsi’s criminal complaint against Mueller is first serious pushback that could END ‘witch hunt’ probe

Cohen plea deal: Mueller likely withheld evidence from court exonerating Trump

Rudy Giuliani: Special counsels ‘think they are GOD’

Rogue Robert Mueller will not end his Gestapo-like rampage until someone stops him

Alan Dershowitz predicts Mueller’s final report will be ‘devastating’ to POTUS Trump

Guess who else had a bad election night? Robert Mueller

Where’s the POTUS crime, Rod Rosenstein? An expert says America needs to know

POTUS Trump to pardon Manafort? Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt says so

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