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9/11/19: Nunes sues Fusion GPS over Spygate

9/4/19: SECDEF Esper orders Pentagon to spend $3.6 billion on new border wall construction

8/30/19: Flynn lawyers demand court order release of DIA exculpatory evidence

8/21/19: Conservatives push back against red flag laws, gun control

8/20/19: Climate Activist wants media to ban ‘climate deniers’

8/12/19: California to adopt anti-Semitic school curriculum

7/29/19: Leftist policies are neutering police and creating anarchy in our cities

7/27/19: Rep. Nadler forced to lie about Robert Mueller’s testimony to push impeachment


The Obama-Biden Scandal Series

— Part 2: “Joe China”

— Part 1: “Fast and Furious:

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