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5/6/19: National Guard commanders from blue states are increasingly flouting President Trump over the military’s transgender ban


The Obama-Biden Scandal Series

— Part 2: “Joe China”

— Part 1: “Fast and Furious:



4/24/19: Mulvaney: Trump privately urging world leaders to ‘protect Christians’

4/19/19: Militias now taking matters into their own hands, patrolling U.S.-Mexico border

4/17/19: Is the mainstream media now OPENLY calling for violence against white Trump supporters? 

4/13/19: Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson agrees: ‘There is a CRISIS on the border!’

Johnson, Obama’s DHS secretary from 2013 until the former president left office in January 2017, has regularly called the situation along the border a “crisis.”

4/10/19: Border Crisis: Is it time for POTUS Trump to IGNORE activist federal judges? 


4/7/19: Former ACLU leader says Democrats’ ‘reparations’ push is ‘blame whitey’ lunacy

4/6/19: POTUS Trump should FIGHT Democrats over releasing his tax returns


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